My Story

Hi, I'm Maya!   My family is originally from northern India but I was born in Denmark and grew up in a three bedroom flat, in an area of Copenhagen called Nørrebro with my parents, grandparents and three siblings.  If you are familiar with the Danish word “hygge” you’ll know it roughly translates as “cosy” – and all of us living together was very hygge!

Nørrebro is variously described as multicultural, bohemian, vibrant, laid-back and young at heart.   The streets are full of people having a good time and lined with an amazingly diverse selection of independent boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants – a heaven for shopaholics and foodies alike.

This environment obviously did much to shape me but my grandmother was also a huge influence.  She was the senior head of the household and I helped her and my mother a lot in the kitchen.  From them I quickly picked up a wealth of recipes, tricks and ideas as well as a love of spices. 

mayas chilli



At the age of 19 I went to university and started to travel the world.  On the way I gathered up a variety of different experiences and further developed my taste for different cuisines around the globe. 

Now I live north of London with my husband and three children.  As well as building a career in finance I cook for the family to keep them all healthy and happy.  For years I’ve been recreating and perfecting my grandma’s chilli sauce recipe – now my family is addicted to it! 

My husband was so hooked he started to take a jar with him to work.  Then his colleagues started to “borrow” it at lunch time.  Eventually they started asking for their own jars.  The idea of launching my chilli sauce brand slowly dawned on me as increasing numbers of people insisted it was the best chilli sauce they have ever tasted.  One person has placed a regular repeat order saying she can’t live without it.   Another takes it to his kebab shop and demands they use it on whatever they serve him.   A third person looks forward to it after his chemotherapy – the treatment kills his taste buds and my chilli is the only thing that gives his food some flavour. 

With this kind of feedback how could I refuse to start making larger quantities?  Try some yourself and I’m confident you’ll agree that no other chilli sauce tastes quite like it – it truly is a revo-fusion! 😀