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Maya's Nørrebro Chilli Sauce

My chilli sauce, an inspired fusion of fiery Indian flavours and cool Danish simplicity, is turning tradition on its head. 

This unique and unconventional combination of culinary influences is explained by my unusual upbringing.  I grew up in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, the city’s coolest and most bohemian area, famous for its laid-back street life and fabulously multicultural mix of restaurants, cafes and bars. 

This environment was a melting pot of different foodie delights but, being brought up by my Indian grandma, and expected to help in the kitchen, I naturally fell in love with her family recipes.

These are the cultural fusions that make the taste of my chilli sauce so revolutionary – along with the highest quality ingredients, of course!

So Many Ways To Enjoy It


Naturally Delicious (the only additive is love and passion!)

Only the freshest natural ingredients.  No preservatives, salt or refined sugars. Everything is natural, pure, freshly sourced and clean in flavour – just the way it was made in my grandmother’s village over a hundred years ago! Each ingredient infuses the sauce with its own flavour and when they all come together in the loving cooking process, my chilli comes alive.


I stumbled across Maya’s Chilli sauce upon recommendation from a friend, I ordered 4 jars as we are huge chilli fans in our house, within 2 weeks we’d finished all 4 jars & I immediately put an order in for 4 jars per month, it’s sooo delicious & versatile, I actually panic now when I’m running low. Thank you Maya for bringing excitement & so much flavour to our mealtimes.

Natalie C

A clean, fresh, vibrant and spicy taste sensation that once had will never leave you or your dinner table. Maya’s Chilli Sauce has a unique flavour and beats anything else I’ve ever tasted. It’s just amazing and I am completely hooked.

Gill H

Maya's Nørrebro Chilli is brilliant for me as it lets me cater easily for a wide range of tastes. I start with a basic casserole, sauce or soup and serve it up as it comes for the blander end of the taste spectrum and then I can go from spicy to fiery by simply adding a teaspoon  or two of Maya's Chilli. Everyone's happy especially the cook.

Gillian C

This is without doubt the best chilli I’ve ever tasted - wow. Melts, with eggs as a marinade it is fantastic. So versatile. Mayas chilli boneless chicken thighs on the bbq are out of this world. My personal favourite

Ian S

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